Highway Incident Safety for 
Emergency Responders©

Author: Jack Sullivan, CSP, CFPS                    Email: jack@lionvillefire.org
                Lt. & Safety Officer (ret.) - Lionville Fire Co., Lionville, PA
                Director of Training, Emergency Responder Safety Institute

  2002 Fire-Rescue International, Kansas City, MO - August 23, 2002
Highway Incident Safety For Emergency Responders - Handouts

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Highway Incident Safety for Emergency Responders©
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This is a "Lite Version" of the program that has been presented by the author at 
FDIC 2001 in Indianapolis, and at the State Fire Chiefs of Virginia Conference in February 2001, the DOD Conference in New Orleans in August 2001, and at Fire Rescue International in Kansas City in 2002. Jack has also provided this training for numerous fire departments, rescue squads, Chiefs meetings, and FD Safety Officer groups throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. 

If you need assistance with training on this topic, contact :

Also read the following report (106kb .pdf file) published in January 2001:

Watch Out ! 
A Review of Highway Incidents Involving Fire & EMS Personnel in 2000
& An Overview of Loss Prevention Recommendations©


Here is a Summary of Fire & EMS "Struck By" Incidents 
1997 - 2002 

For a free copy of the Hampton Roads Highway Incident Management Plan
send your request by e-mail to: 
Firefighter Eric Reddeck, Chairman -
Hampton Roads Highway Incident Management Committee at: creddeck@fire.city.chesapeake.va.us

NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigations

Highway Related Incidents:

NIOSH Report 99F-27 - August 5, 1999 Incident in Oklahoma -
2 Career firefighters were struck on an interstate; 
one was killed, and one was left with serious injuries:

NIOSH Report 99F-38 - September 27, 1999 Incident in South Carolina 
Volunteer firefighter dies after being struck by a tractor trailer truck.

Emergency Responder Highway Safety White Paper
August 30, 2000, by The Cumberland Valley Volunteer 
Firemenís Association (CVVFA)

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Highway Incident Safety for Emergency Responders
By: Jack Sullivan, CSP, CFPS
Safety Officer (ret.), Lionville Fire Co.

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Highway Incident Safety for Emergency Responders

"It Was Just a Routine Call.."

Lionville Fire Company - Background

Incident Overview

Original Incident - Photo

Accident Scene Diagram

Accident Diagram # 2

Accident Diagram # 3

Accident Diagram # 4

Accident Diagram # 5

Accident Diagram # 6

Accident Scene Overview

Accident Overhead Photo

Accident Overhead Photo # 2

Accident Photo # 3

Aftermath of the Crash

Aftermath of the Crash - 2

Firefighter Fatalities - Struck By Accidents

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 2

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 3

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 4

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 5

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 6

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 7

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 8

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 9

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 10

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 11

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 12

Similar Fire & EMS Incidents - 13

Similar Police Dept. Incidents - 14

Commissioner James Joyce Quote

Lessons to Reinforce - 1

Lessons to Reinforce - 2

Lessons to Reinforce - 3

Lessons to Reinforce - 4

Lessons to Reinforce - 5

Incident Scene Diagram

Lessons to Reinforce - 6

Lessons to Reinforce - 7

Traffic Safety Vests - Photos

Traffic Safety Vests - Photos - 2

Lessons to Reinforce - 8

Arrow Sticks

Plano TX FD Engine Daytime Photo

Plano TX FD Engine Night Photo

Lessons to Reinforce - 9

NIOSH Fatality Investigations

NIOSH Recommendations

NIOSH Recommendations - 2

TAKE Action !