Members Complete Specialized Rescue Training
By Lionville Fire Company
May 8, 2022

Over the past several months, Lionville Volunteers have continued to pursue specialized training to be better prepared for the different emergencies that might be faced. Beginning in March, 4 members have been enrolled in a Structural Collapse Specialist Course. This training provides them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform rescues at structural collapse scenes due to natural disasters or terrorist incidents. The course was 80 hours of face-to-face training that is divided into three major topics including:

Constructing Emergency Shoring (Interior and Exterior)
Lifting and Moving Techniques
Breaching and Breaking

After a long few months, the course completed on Sunday with a final exercise requiring them to use all of the skills they learned throughout the program.

Additionally, 3 other members recently completed Water Rescue & Emergency Response, which is a 16-hour course that includes many valuable Swiftwater Rescue techniques. Using both classroom, indoor pool and practical hands-on training, Water Rescue & Emergency Response covers planning, medical considerations, rescue equipment, self-rescue and shore-based rescue techniques.