Aerial Operations Training
By Lionville Fire Company
March 29, 2022

Recently, Lionville Volunteers along with members of The West Whiteland Fire Company participated in a 16-hour Aerial Operations Class taught by the Chester County Public Safety Training Division. During the course, members conducted both classroom work and
hands-on practice of basic skills, and were introduced to the operational theory of aerials, aerial towers, and elevating platforms. In addition, they were taught basic system design, safety, spotting/stabilization, operation, and elevated master stream operations.

The course took place over 2 Thursday nights and concluded on a Saturday. As part of the practical exercise on Saturday, members were broken into two groups, with one group practicing ladder positioning for both roof access and to balconies for rescue of trapped occupants, while the other group at a second location set up for elevated master stream operations, which are an effective tool used to fight and suppress fire, especially in defensive situations or when distance must be maintained while pumping large volumes of water.

We thank Instructors McKinney, Morris, Poole, and O'Brien for sharing their knowledge during the course!

Special thank you to our friends at Eagleview Landing for allowing us to practice at your facility!

Units: 47
Mutual Aid: 6