Ice Rescue Training
By Lionville Fire Company
February 21, 2021

On Thursday, February 19th and Saturday, February 21st, personnel from The Lionville Fire Company participated in ice rescue training at both Marsh Creek State Park and Jones Pond Park to refresh their skills in cold water confidence and victim extrication.

Ice rescue training focuses on our personnel’s ability to remove a victim from a frozen body of water if they have broken through and are unable to get out on their own. On top of their victim-rescue skills, personnel were also training on cold water confidence, unexpectedly falling through the ice, and how to self-extricate out of the water.

Ice rescue suits are fully waterproof from the chin down, are very thermally insulated, and are buoyant, much like a life jacket. A person in a fully functioning suit feels no cold, stays dry and will not sink or drown.

Please keep in mind, no ice is safe ice. Use caution and good judgement before walking or skating on frozen water.