By Lionville FIre Company
August 1, 2019

On Tuesday, July 30th, Lydia Ruth had one very important job for the day, and that was to get her husband Richard to the 70th Annual Goshen Country Fair, in time for the evening’s tug of war festivities and a very special presentation.

Jim Jenkins has been the Master of Ceremonies at the Goshen Country Fair Bandstand for over fifty years. Both Jim, Richard and the Lionville Fire Company have been synonymous with the fair and are true staples of the event.

Jim presented Richard with the Goshen Country Fair Service Award, for Richard’s participation as Lionville Fire Chief (1974-1998), Tug of War Captain and Mastermind of the toughest, hardworking group of men, who absolutely refused to lose the annual tug of war event from 1964-1994…. It was thirty years of absolute Station 47 dominance!

Chief Ruth and the Lionville Fire Company were a dynasty and legend of the Goshen Tug of War event for so many years. It was nothing fancy, Lionville Tug of War Team Firefighters worked hard all day, ran fire calls, and showed up at the fair when it was time to dig in and pull as they took on all comers over the years…. One year, back in 1985, McDermott’s Gym sent a team of their “muscle guys” led by WWF Wrestler Dave Barbee to try and put a stop to the Lionville Team, but it was no contest, as Lionville once again took care of business…

Today a new generation of Lionville Firefighters and pullers are working to forge a new tradition at the annual event, and Richard keeps a watchful eye on their progress and he's always happy to weigh in on strategy… who knows, maybe Richard has another pull left in him?

Congratulations Richard, Jim Jenkins and the tremendous, successful 70 year (and counting)run of the Goshen Country Fair!